21 May 2020
Between host and home: vulnerable European migrants at the mercy of coronavirus

6 December 2019


Please note: The introduction is in Greek. To skip the Greek, move immediately to 48 seconds when the speech switches to English.

Radio Slobodna Evropa
26 November 2019
The ‘Spy Affair’: Hardly possible without Putin knowing
An interview with Othon Anastasakis

Policy Network
24 July 2019
Greece’s first post-bailout government

4 March 2019
A small Greek microcosm in Brexit Britain
Ενας ελληνικός μικρόκοσμος στη Μεγάλη Βρετανία του Brexit
with Manolis Pratsinakis
In Greek

Greek News Agenda
14 October 2018
SEESOX Diaspora: New research project and website on Greek Diaspora
with Manolis Pratsinakis

19 March, 2018
Britain’s role in the Balkans – why Boris Johnson is about to turn pro-EU
with Adis Merdzanovic
​The article was reproduced on the Yahoo News and Civil Society Forum websites, and in Serbo-Croat-Bosnian on the Radio Sarajevo website. 

16 October, 2017
External threats and the EU’s internal insecurity
Eξωτερικές απειλές και εσωτερική ανασφάλεια
In Greek


24 July, 2016
Οι δύο επιλογές του Ερντογάν (Two options for Erdogan in the aftermath of the coup)
In Greek

4 May, 2016
Los Balcanes occidentales en una nueva realidad europea
¿Cuál es el impacto de las actuales amenazas geopolíticas de la UE sobre los procesos de adhesión de los países balcánicos?
In Spanish

The Economy
Special Issue on ‘The Political Parties in Crisis
July 2014
“Greece’s party landscape and the politics of ‘muddling through’”